Blair Builders was registed in 1946 by my father Frank William Blair who at the time was in partnership with his brother Alan.After going different ways in the 1950s my father moved from the north east to Royal Leamington Spa as at he time he was Bricklaying for Clarks Builders of which he built and bought a house off.Later in the 50s he was demolitioning old houses as well as building new ones.Then in the 1960s went on to buying land and building houses for private sale.In the 70s went on to small extensions and general maintence work.After serving as an apprentice electricion I then started working with him hod carrying on different sites of which he taught me to lay bricks.In the 80s we went on to private and commercial work as well as working for stratford district council maintence and building projects.We then went on do larger projects and barn conversions and listed building works fo different cliants.After my father retired in 1990 i carried on with the business due to the last recession decided downsize the business as work started drying up carried on using sub contract labour as needed.In the past 20 years i have done many extensions of which i have not taken pictures off.I now do all jobs and bring in subcontract labour as needed.